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Why - are we giving business grants to women?  

The need for grants for women is well known. Women own over 9 million businesses yet they receive the least amount of financing from traditional sources such as banks and venture capital firms. Women traditionally own smaller types of businesses that don't need financial assistance of $250,000 or more, and so financing options are limited.  

Business grants are hard to come by however. Most businesses are created with loans which rely on good credit histories and collateral that women may have a hard time supplying. Women often choose to max out their credit cards or borrow from family members in order to start a business, which may make their own finances uncomfortable. wants to give women a chance to fulfill their dreams, as well as help them create businesses that will give more women a chance to obtain employment security in family friendly companies, without owing money to some financial institution. The Women's Financial Fund was created as a non-profit entity to give these grants to women.

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