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Here are business grants resources for illegal immigrants to the United States. You will find a variety of state as well as local offices to help assist you in finding and applying for a grant.

First, here are our current listings of known grants specifically for illegal immigrants.

You can also select your state to search for business grants by state.


If you are an illegal immigrant, there are many hurdles that must be overcome in order to not only own a business, but to also apply for a business grant. While your state may have different policies in place as per how an illegal immigrant can do such things as open a bank account and obtain identification, you will need to consider your options carefully. There are specific grants available to illegal immigrants once certain specific citizen requirements are met in the path to becoming a legalized immigrant, if this is what you choose to do to become a business owner in the United States. Because all grants have slightly different requirements, you will need to ensure that you meet them, and contact the grant awarding office if you are unsure or unclear if you qualify because of your current immigration status. You should contact any groups for your previous nationality to see if they can assist you, as there might be some grants available to you because of the country you previously resided in. These groups will be your best source for applicable grant information, and will able to guide you because of your current immigration status and how business ownership could affect your life.

There are also many grants for immigrants available on a state-by-state level. When searching for business grants, contact your local SCORE & Small Business Associations for your state, as they will be able to advise you on specific grants that you will be able to apply for, whether specifically for immigrants or not. And if you are not certain if you will continue to reside in your state, it might help to investigate offices and grants in other states you are considering relocating to.

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