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Here are business grants resources for Veterans. You will find a variety of state as well as local offices to help assist you in finding and applying for a grant.

First, here are our current listings of known grants specifically for veterans.

You can also select your state to search for business grants by state.


There are specific grants available to veterans of the many conflicts the United States as been involved in. First, contact Veteran services and inquire about any available grants the government offers Veterans or that they are aware of that are for Veterans from outside groups. Also contact any support groups or other types of groups stemming from your military service. These groups will be your best source for applicable grant information. There may be restrictions for each grant, such as for specific types of Veterans. So read carefully to ensure you are eligible before you submit your application

There are also many grants for Veterans available on a state-by-state level. When searching for business grants, contact your local SCORE & Small Business Associations for your state, as they will be able to advise you on specific grants that you will be able to apply for, whether specifically for Veterans or not.

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